Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hang on...I'm still here!

Hi guys! Seriously....I've been away for so long I wonder I still have anyone to greet!!

Anyway, a HUGE thank you to the kind souls (Tush and Snobo) who still visit my blog in hope for a fresh new post (and are always disappointed), and generously drop in some We miss you comments that really make my day.

You see, somehow, things have changed so much since the last time I wrote a post, it feels as if an entirely different person is writing this one. Well, since I have not yet transformed into a reincarnation of my ex-principal, I plan not to go into details and bore you with my saga.

I'll just say this hasn't been a very good year - many things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. Almost everyday, I went to school in a cheerful mood, only to be disappointed at the beginning of the day itself. I don't really remember any specific day or incident at school - the past few months all seem like one long, not-so-happy day.

Still, if I look back at the thousands of happy moments I had in class last year, it actually seems fair that I have an equal share of trying times as well. So once I changed my outlook, I wasn't that upset anymore.

Anyway, it was during this time that I discovered some really true friends - AppyFizz, Shaggy, Shub, Aish, Aashi, Akki, Medz – all of whom expressed their genuine concern. But yea, some did crack those senti film dialogues. Eww!

Anyway, you guys don't worry. Things are looking up now; there's a new boost of confidence in me. Some good opportunities have come my way; I hope to give them my best shot. And with such wonderful company, I guess times could only get better!

Wish me luck! :)

signing off with a note of optimism,
lotsa luv,
(P.S. Just because I didn't blog doesn't mean i haven't been writing yaar! Many new posts lined up...!)