Monday, August 27, 2007


Old teachers came walking past
Flooding mah mind with memories old,
A pat on the back, expression aghast,
At how fast I had grown.

They remebered the tomboy,
And huge eyes that flooded everytime
Somebody punched her nose.
Said I , embarrased, "Ma'am, but that was ages ago!!".

She cried for candy,
And for mummy
Sometimes for Daddy too.
"But sweet was she,
For, she was taught by me!! ;)".

She danced on Christmas
And Diwali too.
But no Rakhies for her,
For no brother had she.

Then came a time when her tooth broke.
Red stained her pink cheeks, she looked absurd;
Said she, "I is brave"
And still, paused to cry after every word!!

Then they saw her go
An unfinished product, one would say,
But of one thing, they were sure,
They'd taught her to find her own way.

Years later they met her
Chattering about.
One dear li'l lady said,
"That girl, do u see?
I'd marked her Mfd."

I just tried my hand at poetry, I know its dumb, but still, atleast my first attempt at writing some 'serious poetry' is related to teachers!

To conclude,

Somebody once said,
"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. "



Tuesday, August 14, 2007


हिंद के जवान हम,
हिंद के ही शान हम
हिन्द के निशान को बुलंद हम किये चले.....

Wishing everybody

Happy Independence Day !!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friendship Day and much more.....

Ok, I'm a li'l late for this post, but still...

August 5th was Friendship Day, or was it 'Band and Bracelet Day'? Well, I'd prefer the second one, though.
I've always been 'against' this so called ritual of gifting friendship bands to friends. It just doesn't make sense.
I feel a friend is worth not just a few 10 rupees.....she's invaluable!

I had vowed I wouldn't waste money this year; save it instead for treats for buddies later on.

But why be the odd one out? So in the end, not unlike last year and all the years before that, I managed to persuade mum to buy some nice bracelets.
I myself received quite a few gifts, and that made me feel very happy (although I went around bleating all this is nonsense!).

I got a note in my diary, the first ever in my life, for not having brought my GK book. The teacher thought I hadn't 'brought', but actually, I hadn't even 'bought' the silly book (I still haven't!).

And yeah, Gran went back to Chennai. Although I'm feeling really, really, really bad, I'm also glad she's happy back there.
I somehow feel Gran'll never come to like Delhi.Nothing's as cozy as one's own home, right? Anyway, I think I gotta get used to the old routine again.Sigh...


(P.S.Preparations are in full swing for I-Day!!)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Critics' comments

It seems this blog's traffic is inversely proportional to the Delhi traffic! ;) ;)

If this continues, the traffic policeman(yea, me!) may soon become jobless......

So c'mmon guys, PUHLEEZ leave some comments. And I'd make sure it rains comments for your blog!!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Shattered Dream

Yesterday, after searching for hours, I got the results of the written prelims of WIZTEAM 2007. As I clutched the phone so that it almost broke, the guy on the other side confirmed that all of us in the wizteam had qualified to the second round, i.e. the interview round.

You could imagine how excited I was. I kept on jumping about and adding witty, humourous phrases to my introduction. Of course, it had to be no less than PERFECT! Last year, during the city finals I ended up in the top five. Rarely does anybody get a second chance, so this time, I wanted to give it my best shot.

However, the rain god had other plans. He probably thought it was the perfect day to have a nice bath. He forgot to turn off the shower, though.
Although it rained like cats and dogs, I managed to carry my HUGE Yamaha to school, only to find out at the entrance itself that the competition had been called off! You can imagine how shocked I was.
But when the rain stopped at last, they still refused to let us go. And as my teacher lectured me on how to take disappointments lightly, I stared at an earthworm lousily making its way up the ramp. That was exactly what I did throughout the day, with not a single book in hand……..

Praying for sunny days ahead,