Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally, it's here...

The results of CBSE class Xth exams were announced today. Totally DRAMATIC. BRILLIANT. OUTSTANDING. A good friend has topped the school with 98.4% (100 in two subjects, 97 in English), followed by an arithmetic progression - 97, 96.6,96.4, 96.0, 95.8, 95.6, 95.4, 95.2....sab ki toh lottery lag gayi.

With such good results, I can imagine the scene at school right now. The teary-eyed teachers, led by my Sanskrit ma'am, must be standing in the hexagon, sending some shlokas to heaven, hugging each other and eating ghar ki mithai. Even the usually reticent princi will do a secret jig in his office. He will then sit and write an essay about the good deeds he did in the past, which made him deserve such happiness. (Later of course, he plans to share this 8000 word essay in the assembly when we return to school.)

Sitting here, I can just hope that these marks don't put extra pressure on us when we give the exams next year...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I just realized it's exactly two years since I wrote the first post on this blog.
(Yea, I'm still lurking around somewhere! :) )