Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Class 10 Result

Hi everyone. My class 10 results were declared today. CBSE has introduced a confusing grading system, so it's a bit difficult to describe my marks. I've got A1 Grade (above 90) in all subjects .i.e. English, Science, Maths, Information Technology, Social Science and Sanskrit. Each A1 stands for 10 points. So, I've got Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 10/10. Multiplying this by 9.5, I get an average aggregate of 95%. All my classmates have got superb grades too. Everyone has scored a CGPA above 9 (i.e.above 85.5%).

However, one of my best friends has got a very unexpected result. She is crying and refuses to pick up the phone. A topper girl, who beat me hands down in the Pre Boards, has scored A2 (81-90) in English while kids who usually scored in 60's have got A1. All the backbenchers have scored like toppers (they didn't even attempt several questions), while many intelligent friends have got shocking results. I feel very angry because these people put in the same effort as I did and still weren't given good grades.

I'm not famous for my luck and expected crappy things to happen to me too. I really must thank Bhagwan for changing his mind for once...