Friday, July 27, 2007

Hectic Highways of Life

Last two weeks have been the most happening weeks of my life!!

First, i got to meet the president on the 17th(u can imagine a dreamy look on my face, since there are no smileys for that!), came second in an extempore on the 18th, got those long awaited English marks a week later (with a lousy 22 1/2), got selected for the wizteam yet again (and this time, iv GOT TO WIN, no matter what!!!), came first in an 'On-the-spot skit making competition' with a couple of friends, read hp7, watched hp5.........failed miserably in answering questions put up by my sst teacher, and in hatching plans to impress her ;)!!!

Uff!! I've been really, really busy, but truly happy and satisfied, as u can see!I hope the good times continue....

However,there's one thing i regret-things have not been so good on the friendship front.It feels bad that after doing so much for each other, I recently had to ditch my so called best friend. sigh....but what's the use of arguing every time we spoke and giving headaches to each other?

Btw, i discovered some new friends as well and felt truly happy at having a friend back at skool, who had been absent for days, and saw that all boys are not dumbos. ;)

cheers to life!!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi GUMS

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I'm in pain!!!
Actually, it's just those two li'l cuts in my roots and gums that are bothering me a lot, and the frustrating thing is people don't even bother to notice when i wince in pain!! hmph!

Btw, I have my maths Unit Test tomorrow, and ppl will kill me if i 'just miss' getting that 'root of 625' marks (25, if u couln't solve it! ;).
Hmm...I know I've been thro' worse situations than this (100 mks exams) , but it so happens that whenever some task seems very simple, I happen to ignore it completely, and am really overconfident, and need i say what happens then? Take this year's holiday homework, it seemed so little at first, but man (or ma'am!), it was VAST!! guess what? I still haven't finished it!

I'm in the process of finishing 'Anne Frank's Diary', and I feel it's a WONDERFUL book.

There's some exciting news too.Dad's coming back from chennai on Tuesday after a week, and I can already smell some goodies....!!

daddy's baby,

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hmm....saturdays are always special. Skool on saturday is even more special. its cuz moms at home, after a hectic week at office. so i can always look forward to slurping my fingers when i get back home from skool. well, i do get hot, tasty meals everyday, but somehow, they taste tastier on saturdays....mental perception, u know!!

by the way, i would like to tell you that chatting with 100 or so friends on the net for hours can have some good consequences as well. it was only because of my habit of typing, which i developed thro' chatting, that i could complete an important work of my english teacher, and she was pretty much impressed by my fast typing. did u hear that daddy dear? ;)

one of my shortest posts, but not as short as me! :(
(btw, im SECOND shortest in class)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

sKoOl koOl

its just been two days since skool reopened, and lots has happened already.

the first day though, it was pretty disappointing.
I had expected a more enthusiastic start to a new session, but it so happened that all people around me wanna to go back and sleep. and one actually had the cheek to tell me its 'just' the first day!! cummon.....

the second day, i found an excellent way to dodge a teachers continuued remarks on topics that 'least' concerned us dimwits. just plaster a sheepish smile on ur face whenever an answer goes wrong, and she takes it to be a joke and actually smiles back! ;) ;)

the third day, today, was THE best.
i received a small gift from a seventh standard friend, cuz i helped him yesterday to save a beautiful chart from the rain. well i just kinda wrapped it in two polythene pouches, and put a rubberband round 'em. just that, really.
and he expressed his gratitude today by gifting me a beautiful parker pen!! i was really touched. feels nice to kno tht gud ppl still exist, and they acknowledge even a teeny-weeny bit of help.

i spoke in the assembly about the trip to dalhousie, and exaggereated the GOOD things a bit too much.
and i heard tht my fav teacher (who no longer teaches me :( ) said tht i had spoken as if id vomitted in the bus! was a thourough misunderstanding!!!!!!!!
well it turned out tht she wanted me to add some details about the HORRIBLE things as well.hehe.
like.... the guys who started vomitting in the bus, due to increasing altitude!! and i thot it to be.....wat?!!!! :D =))

( im looking awful in two ponies, or as smbdy put it long ago, stupidly cute.
or is it cutely stupid?)