Thursday, May 29, 2008

Suggestions open for post title.

Venue: Mom's office.

Time: After digesting samosas and before eating gulab jamuns.
Current Occupation: Indulging in blissful velapanti. Wasting 6 hours on the net. Searching for blog fodder.
Current thoughts: To do Sanskrit Homework.
Current second thoughts: Will do that later.
I don't have much to write about, so I'm posting a poem which I wrote the last time I visited a workplace...around the age of 9.

I edited quite a few things in the poem, but left the spelling and grammatical errors untouched. It's very, very kiddish, but I still love it! :)

Office Office
When I entered mom's office,
The adult world greeted me.
Smiles, chocolates, cakes and muffins
Oh! I felt like a VIP.
I spotted uncles
They were typing furiously.
And aunties in glittering saris,
Speaking amica'bily'. :P
There were mountains of files
Which came up to my nose,
And the smell of samosa
Also reached my nose.
Everybody was busy
So I wandered here and there.
Troubled everyone
And ate there heads.
I played a game on computer
And talked to my friend.
I ate aloo paneer and matar
And burger in the end. (I don't think I really ate all that then! Was Miss-skin-and-bones.)
But I had a very nice day
At five o' clock,
I said bye to the world of adults
And Mummy took me away....

That's all for now...hope u liked it! ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My blog turned an year old yesterday.

Well, I must confess, when a friend introduced me to Blogger an year ago, I had rolled my eyes, thinking it must be just another 'public venting machine' for guys who stuck to their computers like permamanent glue. It was for people who'd suffered heartaches, bad hair days, bad marks, broken fingernails, nerdy friends or were unlucky enough to see Khali in person. In short, it was the favourite pastime for all the vela people in the world....

But now, an year later, I give myself THREE SLAPS for saying that (plus some more on behalf of my blogger pals, who are in no way eccentric!).

And even though my hands are busy nursing my red cheek, I type with my elboes to say that if Blogger were a human being, he/she (whichever gender it prefers) would be my best friend. I would save a seat for her everyday in the bus, share my lunch with her during recess, do all her homework (Sanskrit included), share all my secrets with her, and giggle at stupid jokes till we drove the teachers crazy.

Thanks Blogger. I kicked aside the TV to make blogging my fav hobby. And yes, I promise to be a better bloggie in the years to come...

searching for b'day candles,

Saturday, May 17, 2008

IQ - Ignorance Quotient.

I gave an online IQ test today.
Ok. So I gave thousands of IQ tests today. And got a different score each time. I started off with 80 (am i the inhabitant of a madhouse?), then got 115 (im such a dork), then 134 (not bad...), then 148 (did somebody hack my account or what?), and suddenly, I got 160 (whoa!!!!).
So I concluded my IQ changes with my mood. With my clothes. And with what I ate for breakfast....

I may not know what my IQ exactly is, but I'm sure of the following things. Pakka.

1) I'm as stupid as the participants on 'Main Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hun'.

3) I'm so dumb I moved on to point (3) before writing point (2).

4) I'm smarter than Mr.Bean, Charlie Chaplin, Govinda, Paris Hilton and other you-know-whos.

5) I'm as smart as the model who got 5/100 in a history test. Extra marks for good handwriting.
6) I don't stare at a bottle of orange juice just because it says "Concentrate".

7) Scientists say humans use just 10% of their brain. I can prove them wrong. I use just 8%.

8) I totally believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. And that they are on an exchange programme.

9) Still, I'm not as bad as my neighbour who took his computer to the doctor when it had a virus attack.

10) Till today, I thought 'Stardust' is an astronomy magazine. Really.

(P.S. Jus kiddin'. No inferiority complex.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


People or things that I love the most, in order of how much I love them (conditions apply. Of course.) :


2) Puppies

3) Puppies (I hate it when they bark, though)

4) Chocolates (I hate 5 Star and dark chocolates)

5) Mum and Dad (They'll be automatically awarded the first position if/when they buy me a CD of Bhool Bhulaiya, which I desperately wanna watch)

6) Blogger

7) Google

8) Orkut

9) Pals at school (pals only. NOT school.)

10) Spiderman

11) JK Rowling (You dropped down to 11 when you killed Voldy)

12) The Radio ( only when those RJs keep quiet)

101) Mahatma Gandhi

10,001) Shah Rukh Khan

10,00,00,001) My English Teacher

10,00,00,00,003) The guy in the bus who calls me a moti (liar!!)

-the couch potato aka jan.
(P.S. Bad news. All of you are tagged. Now, like it or not, you MUST write about the people or things you love the most. And let's see where I feature in it! :D )

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A long drive on a rainy day

I am a very unlucky kid. Who in the whole wide world has an exam on the first day of his/her summer vacations??
Well, the exam in question was the second round of the National Talent Search Exam. The examination centre was miles away in midtown Delhi, so we had to leave at 6 in the morning. And a few minutes later, it started drizzling....

There was hardly any traffic, and the roads seemed huge and empty. Everything was so wet and clean. There was some beautiful music playing on the radio, and the pitter patter of rain added to the scene. My nervousness about the exam just got blown away with the cool wind.
There is something so peaceful about such mornings. We hear people complaining about the environment in Delhi everyday, but I guess they've never travelled during the best time of the day!

We reached the centre more than an hour before the exam. It was a pretty decent Government school, surrounded by huge white walls and lots of greenery. Also, there were the government quarters nearby. A man was walking his cute pomeranian, that kept on running away from him, and barked for no apparent reason. Later though, we realized it was this silly pussy that had infuriated him!
I also met an old classmate who had left school a few years ago, and was thought to be Einstein-Part 2. And my exam went off ok-ok too, as I'd expected. Even if I don't qualify, I know the experience has been totally worth the hard work....

I wanted to tell you about the coaching classes I'd attended for this exam. We used to stay back at school long after everybody left, and studied trigonometry and electronic configuration (nonchalantly, obviously), and left only when it got dark. Many times, I was all alone in the empty building, and you could imagine how terrifying that was!!

Well, now at present, I'm looking forward to a pleasant vacation. And I guess my hopes end with this huge pile of holiday homework staring back at me....