Friday, December 21, 2007

Saawariya - Boredom Unlimited

On the ninth of November, while Diwali celebrations were in full swing, my mind decided to plunge into an ocean of neon light darkness - I bought tickets to SAAWARIYA.
Here's a glance at my mental status as I struggled through three hours of endless night, thirsting for sunlight at the end of the tunnel......

As the reel begins to roll, we're ceremoniously introduced to Bhansalipur, where roads lead nowhere, and the Eiffel tower stands next to the Big Ben.Then, there's a market place right next to a Venice-style lake, and people (it's a women dominated society and our hero is the only male visible) use the London bridge to ask for a cup of dahi next door.Sheesh! Who the heck would like to live here, even if it's "The City of Dreams"?!

Bhansali probably took himself too seriously. Except the music, he goofs up almost everywhere. Even his actress, gigglaciously pretty, shatters the heart-wrenching silence of judaai scenes by breaking into a series of irritating, ear-splitting giggles, or with stupidiotic dialogues like,"Ok, Bye!".

Next, I seriously have a complaint against this extravagant use of neon lights.Oh mannn, the entire movie was shot in the night!! Is this Antarctica or something, where we have 6 months day and 6 months night??!!!

Well, probably since it was so 'dark', Saawariyaa never saw light at the box office.

I still experience terrifying Saawariyaa nightmares.

Hoping u were spared,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kithabon ki Kahaani, Meri Zhubani.....


Today, I wish to write about books.Yeah, books! OK, i know most of u wouldn't read the rest of it, but still, for the sake of the few booklovers still left......

Books.Books in the library, books on the table, books on the shelf, books in the kitchen, and mags in the toilet too! I'm drowned in an ocean of books, but which rescue boat should i choose? should it be a dickens, an Isaac Asimov or a Saki, while in the bookstore?

u might ask inky-pinky and ponky for help, or might as well refer to my guide of books.

Here it goes.....

1) The title of the book shouldn't go over your head.Like...."My name is red"!?!

2) The picture of the author should be printed on the cover. If he frowns too much, smiles awkwardly, or seems to pose especially for the picture, then put the book back to where it belongs, and hope that it stays there for long.

3) The cover should not have confusing illustrations. For example, if the title is, say, "Tragedy", then the girl on the cover should stop showing off all her pearly whites.

4) The print in the book shouldn't seem like a thousand hundred black ants scrawling all over u.

5) Read the first few pages.If u manage to stay awake, then move on to the next step.

6) If the price is a number u know existed in the number system, then go on, zip open your pockets and buy the book!!

(Still, if my advice doesn't work, and u begin hating the book, then persuade ur best friend that it's the nicest book uv ever read, deserves a Sahitya Akademi,a Nobel prize, a Booker, and blah blah blah, until she snatches it away from u, and u strike a fair deal with her Ruskin Bond. ;) )


Thursday, October 25, 2007

A 'Bad'minton Day

Badminton WAS my fav sport (perhaps cuz it's the only game I can play decently!). And today, I managed to get a few nice shots during the recess, considering I was touching the racket after 6 whole years!

That's when my 6-foot-sth friend decided to prove herself world champion.

MG - Common, Jan, beating u is my left hand's game! (roughly translated from hindi)

Me- (rather sarcastically) Hey Bhaggu! Cummon then, let's play!

(Then began the most un-ladylike game of badminton u'd have ever seen, with both players sweating it out like in the WWE championships.)

And then,

The lengendary player (she, I mean) hit the cock, and we all strained our necks to have a good look at the to-be sixer.

But it was not meant to be! The cock got stuck in a tree!

Then my friend thought it most appropriate to throw the racket and get a good shot at the cock, which refused to come down, like some old, fussy cat. The small group of onlookers, too, followed their leader and started throwing their military equipments at the tree, trying to attack the cock.

And unfortunately, MG's racket too, got stuck there!!


The child (to whom the racket belonged, started crying). My friend and I were given loads of advice from the smart li'l onlookers.

Then, I thought, we coundn't just stand there like guilty thiefs! I ran and got hold of the guard, who picked up the ladder (in the process knocking me down with its end), and brought down the cock and its partner.

He was cheered by the crowd, and became an instant hero.The kiddo was happy again, and walked off feeling embarrassed by all this unwanted publicity.

Break was over and we reached class just in time to see the strictest teacher entering our class......

Totally, absolutely, relieved and shocked at the same time,

(P.S. Things to do this weekend:
1. Stop trying to push open locked doors.
2. Prepare a draft on "Building a safer environment".
3. Brush up my G.K.
4. Learn some sudoku solving techniques from pops.
5. Measure my height. )

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hey everybody!!!

I'm back!
Yea, people might say I disappeared from the virtual world, neglecting my li'l blog, chatting friends, google, et all- but no, I'm not one to give up so easily.I'm back doing what I love most-blogging, blogging and blogging!!!
I simply love the touch of the keyboard, the sound of the keys, the cute mouse and err...the ugly monitor as well!

Well, my exams have finished and not much of an 'ooooohh-aaaaah' result, but still, I'm satisfied.
But no, it's not I-Day for me yet.....I've got that NTS Exam next month, and having joined late, I've got lots to do!

Holidays have started, but there are more sighs then yays.I've got Aryabhatta classes in the morning, music class in the evening, and a strict diet consisting of nothing but apples and apple juices (Mom thinks I'm growing fat around the waist.Me, skinny ol' me, FAT??!!).

Hey MOM! When did we return to the aadi vasi ages, huh??

And tomorrow onwards, it's those NTSE classes at 8 in school! PHEW!It's like the old school routine again!

Still, there's some good news.The Durga puja celebrations are about to start in our colony, and I simply luuuuuuuuuuuv hanging out there in the pundals with friends.I'll give a performance with my music sir (who would sing), and I'm really looking forward to it!

The last time I performed, the people loved it! So now, there are huge expectations builing up!

But damn it! I can't participiate in the competitions 'cuz the lazy, pot-bellied uncles with pan stained mouths, broken shirt buttons and fat wives believe there was something called a LAST DATE! And when was that they don't remember!Stupid authorities!

Anyway, have I ever told u about my music sir? hmm.....really hard to describe.

Talkative (speaks Benglinglish), fat(err...resembles Adnan Sami), and......."Has an ocean of knowledge about the universal language spoken even by aliens on planet 0023454 that has no atmosphere, and can be easily compared to math-e-matics, the science of practice and patience and humour that is a strategy practised by a species called the backbencher that was so adorably a part of my be-u-thi-full(the French way) childhood that is a state of human....." and so on.In simpler words, he believes he's a talented musician.

And yea, I make an excuse to have some water, and save myself from the torture of his 'beautiful' speeches.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Angrez to chale gaye, par Angrezi chhod gaye!

Guess what?

I've got an English exam the day after tomorrow, and I'm here, blogging away to glory!
Well, isn't blogging english?

I can just pray to God that the English teacher, Mrs.M, decides to shed off some of her kanjoosi, when it comes to giving marks, and all of us walk away with laddoos (no, I don't mean zeroes, but the 'actual' laddoos).

By the way, my three fav subjects just happen to be - Science :), Maths :)) and English :))).

apun ko to angrezi ka bukhar chad gaya re!!! ;)

Monday, August 27, 2007


Old teachers came walking past
Flooding mah mind with memories old,
A pat on the back, expression aghast,
At how fast I had grown.

They remebered the tomboy,
And huge eyes that flooded everytime
Somebody punched her nose.
Said I , embarrased, "Ma'am, but that was ages ago!!".

She cried for candy,
And for mummy
Sometimes for Daddy too.
"But sweet was she,
For, she was taught by me!! ;)".

She danced on Christmas
And Diwali too.
But no Rakhies for her,
For no brother had she.

Then came a time when her tooth broke.
Red stained her pink cheeks, she looked absurd;
Said she, "I is brave"
And still, paused to cry after every word!!

Then they saw her go
An unfinished product, one would say,
But of one thing, they were sure,
They'd taught her to find her own way.

Years later they met her
Chattering about.
One dear li'l lady said,
"That girl, do u see?
I'd marked her Mfd."

I just tried my hand at poetry, I know its dumb, but still, atleast my first attempt at writing some 'serious poetry' is related to teachers!

To conclude,

Somebody once said,
"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. "



Tuesday, August 14, 2007


हिंद के जवान हम,
हिंद के ही शान हम
हिन्द के निशान को बुलंद हम किये चले.....

Wishing everybody

Happy Independence Day !!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friendship Day and much more.....

Ok, I'm a li'l late for this post, but still...

August 5th was Friendship Day, or was it 'Band and Bracelet Day'? Well, I'd prefer the second one, though.
I've always been 'against' this so called ritual of gifting friendship bands to friends. It just doesn't make sense.
I feel a friend is worth not just a few 10 rupees.....she's invaluable!

I had vowed I wouldn't waste money this year; save it instead for treats for buddies later on.

But why be the odd one out? So in the end, not unlike last year and all the years before that, I managed to persuade mum to buy some nice bracelets.
I myself received quite a few gifts, and that made me feel very happy (although I went around bleating all this is nonsense!).

I got a note in my diary, the first ever in my life, for not having brought my GK book. The teacher thought I hadn't 'brought', but actually, I hadn't even 'bought' the silly book (I still haven't!).

And yeah, Gran went back to Chennai. Although I'm feeling really, really, really bad, I'm also glad she's happy back there.
I somehow feel Gran'll never come to like Delhi.Nothing's as cozy as one's own home, right? Anyway, I think I gotta get used to the old routine again.Sigh...


(P.S.Preparations are in full swing for I-Day!!)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Critics' comments

It seems this blog's traffic is inversely proportional to the Delhi traffic! ;) ;)

If this continues, the traffic policeman(yea, me!) may soon become jobless......

So c'mmon guys, PUHLEEZ leave some comments. And I'd make sure it rains comments for your blog!!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Shattered Dream

Yesterday, after searching for hours, I got the results of the written prelims of WIZTEAM 2007. As I clutched the phone so that it almost broke, the guy on the other side confirmed that all of us in the wizteam had qualified to the second round, i.e. the interview round.

You could imagine how excited I was. I kept on jumping about and adding witty, humourous phrases to my introduction. Of course, it had to be no less than PERFECT! Last year, during the city finals I ended up in the top five. Rarely does anybody get a second chance, so this time, I wanted to give it my best shot.

However, the rain god had other plans. He probably thought it was the perfect day to have a nice bath. He forgot to turn off the shower, though.
Although it rained like cats and dogs, I managed to carry my HUGE Yamaha to school, only to find out at the entrance itself that the competition had been called off! You can imagine how shocked I was.
But when the rain stopped at last, they still refused to let us go. And as my teacher lectured me on how to take disappointments lightly, I stared at an earthworm lousily making its way up the ramp. That was exactly what I did throughout the day, with not a single book in hand……..

Praying for sunny days ahead,


Friday, July 27, 2007

Hectic Highways of Life

Last two weeks have been the most happening weeks of my life!!

First, i got to meet the president on the 17th(u can imagine a dreamy look on my face, since there are no smileys for that!), came second in an extempore on the 18th, got those long awaited English marks a week later (with a lousy 22 1/2), got selected for the wizteam yet again (and this time, iv GOT TO WIN, no matter what!!!), came first in an 'On-the-spot skit making competition' with a couple of friends, read hp7, watched hp5.........failed miserably in answering questions put up by my sst teacher, and in hatching plans to impress her ;)!!!

Uff!! I've been really, really busy, but truly happy and satisfied, as u can see!I hope the good times continue....

However,there's one thing i regret-things have not been so good on the friendship front.It feels bad that after doing so much for each other, I recently had to ditch my so called best friend. sigh....but what's the use of arguing every time we spoke and giving headaches to each other?

Btw, i discovered some new friends as well and felt truly happy at having a friend back at skool, who had been absent for days, and saw that all boys are not dumbos. ;)

cheers to life!!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi GUMS

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I'm in pain!!!
Actually, it's just those two li'l cuts in my roots and gums that are bothering me a lot, and the frustrating thing is people don't even bother to notice when i wince in pain!! hmph!

Btw, I have my maths Unit Test tomorrow, and ppl will kill me if i 'just miss' getting that 'root of 625' marks (25, if u couln't solve it! ;).
Hmm...I know I've been thro' worse situations than this (100 mks exams) , but it so happens that whenever some task seems very simple, I happen to ignore it completely, and am really overconfident, and need i say what happens then? Take this year's holiday homework, it seemed so little at first, but man (or ma'am!), it was VAST!! guess what? I still haven't finished it!

I'm in the process of finishing 'Anne Frank's Diary', and I feel it's a WONDERFUL book.

There's some exciting news too.Dad's coming back from chennai on Tuesday after a week, and I can already smell some goodies....!!

daddy's baby,

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hmm....saturdays are always special. Skool on saturday is even more special. its cuz moms at home, after a hectic week at office. so i can always look forward to slurping my fingers when i get back home from skool. well, i do get hot, tasty meals everyday, but somehow, they taste tastier on saturdays....mental perception, u know!!

by the way, i would like to tell you that chatting with 100 or so friends on the net for hours can have some good consequences as well. it was only because of my habit of typing, which i developed thro' chatting, that i could complete an important work of my english teacher, and she was pretty much impressed by my fast typing. did u hear that daddy dear? ;)

one of my shortest posts, but not as short as me! :(
(btw, im SECOND shortest in class)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

sKoOl koOl

its just been two days since skool reopened, and lots has happened already.

the first day though, it was pretty disappointing.
I had expected a more enthusiastic start to a new session, but it so happened that all people around me wanna to go back and sleep. and one actually had the cheek to tell me its 'just' the first day!! cummon.....

the second day, i found an excellent way to dodge a teachers continuued remarks on topics that 'least' concerned us dimwits. just plaster a sheepish smile on ur face whenever an answer goes wrong, and she takes it to be a joke and actually smiles back! ;) ;)

the third day, today, was THE best.
i received a small gift from a seventh standard friend, cuz i helped him yesterday to save a beautiful chart from the rain. well i just kinda wrapped it in two polythene pouches, and put a rubberband round 'em. just that, really.
and he expressed his gratitude today by gifting me a beautiful parker pen!! i was really touched. feels nice to kno tht gud ppl still exist, and they acknowledge even a teeny-weeny bit of help.

i spoke in the assembly about the trip to dalhousie, and exaggereated the GOOD things a bit too much.
and i heard tht my fav teacher (who no longer teaches me :( ) said tht i had spoken as if id vomitted in the bus! was a thourough misunderstanding!!!!!!!!
well it turned out tht she wanted me to add some details about the HORRIBLE things as well.hehe.
like.... the guys who started vomitting in the bus, due to increasing altitude!! and i thot it to be.....wat?!!!! :D =))

( im looking awful in two ponies, or as smbdy put it long ago, stupidly cute.
or is it cutely stupid?)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rain, rain, come again!

hi everybody!

since i dont have anything to write on, i thought id write sumthing about the rain; its been raining like cats and dogs since morning!
'cats and dogs'.....hmm, isnt it a rather funny phrase? well, if u know the meaning, then do tell me!

i sumtimes feel i mustve been a peacock in my last birth. i simply loooooove the rain!
nopes, not when it simply 'drizzles'! it must rain heavily, and the trees must sway, the umbrellas must come out, and the wind must blow. thats the perfect rainy season for me!

unfortunately, cold and cough being my old enimies, im nvr allowed to go out and drench myself completely, and am restricted to stand in the balcony with my arms stretched in front of me. atleast i get to that!

i dont like it when it rains in the morning. then its not fun at all! it must rain at nite, when the street lights are on, and u can actually 'see' the rain and the little puddles reflecting the lights.
even better, if there is some melodious song playing on the FM.

longing to get drenched,

Saturday, June 16, 2007

JBJ did'nt make me jhoom at all!

I went to a movie on saturday nite after ages.....only cuz it was really hyped about. it was, as u might have guessed, jhoom barabar jhoom.

CAST : a dimpled 'pretty' zinta, a bhatinda da chokra (yawn!), a tall street singer sporting a pirates inspired hairdo, a curly haired nerd, and a former miss world failing miserably by trying to be 'genuinely' and irritatingly french.

STORY: they probly didnt have a scriptwriter, cuz thr was no story at all! just a couple of 'meant to be funny' incidents. and i didnt hear a single laugh in the theatre.

director's view point : to make a movie for the genX. (what the hell? even genZ wunt wanna watch such rubbish!)

bigB's role : बीच- बीच में आसमान से टपको, नाचो, बोर करो, और भाग जाओ! although it was verrrrrrrrrrrry repetitive, i must say this was what i luvd best।

so if ur going to see this movie, DONT! take a step bkwards, and head straight towards home, and heave a sigh of relief that ur Rs.150 are still in ur pocket, not down the drain!

still hoping i might get to jhoom,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Maths Trouble

iv been doing sum maths lately.well, actually, so much of rationalizing and factorizing and solving equations that iv actually started dreaming of maths too! sheesh!

the prob is tht wev got an elinimation test for this maths compettive exam called Aryabhatta, and im desperate to pass it somehow. and since i sit idle most of the time thses days, iv decide to put pen to paper and draw sum complimentary angles. and yea, i actually opened the 9th book and jotted down sum sums for 'xtra' practice. man, they're so damn difficult !!


a wannabe mathematician,

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pirate of The Den - at wits' end!

आज की ताज़ा ख़बर: My friends joked they're planning to hold an inter-block competition for the messiest room. if this turns out to be true, there's no doubt they'll unanimously vote for the person who owns the room in which this computer is currently placed. yeah, me!

So today, i thought i'd simply fill up this white space by describing my room in minute detail so that u people can tell me if im really worthy of this award. (btw, my trophy cupboard has been empty for a while, so i can do with an awrd or two...... )

On the white door leading to The Den, there is a huge denis the menace poster cautoning u to back off. excellent मेहमान नवाज़ी, nah?

once inside, u are greeted not by me, but by a cute li'l baby lizard (named lizzie) playing corners. next would probly be a spiderman tshirt crying to be rescued. yeah, spiderman. NOTbarbie.

then there is a really untidy timetable scribbled on white (or is it dusty black?) board, which i hardly even glance at.

u might even be lucky enough to peek at a huge wooden cupbord right above my study table, the pride of my room.cuz it holds all the books iv ever read (i dont mean textbuks), starting from nursery rhymes to grandma stories to chicken soups.

apart from this, the only other 'pleasant' thing ull find are those kiddish 'think positive' and 'anger is bad' posters plastered onto the walls. a few years ago, it was twinkle twinkle li'l stars instead....hehe.

then there's is also a huge diwan and a black, ugly computer next to it, and loads of books and clothes and circulars with the principal's sign all over the place.

if u search patiently, which i usually do not, u might even find a newspaper dating back to 2002!
im certainly not exaggerating.
i swear my room is cleaned painstakingly by mum (as i snore away), only a day before sum visitor is paying a visit to my wonderland. other times i dont pay attention to mum's repeated warnings of cleaning up or getting grounded, and she soon gets fed up.
u know, it useless trying to make an unwilling horse drink water!! ;)

well let me tell u this isnt my permanent den. when it gets too cold out here, i migrate to another room for a few months and then return to the den in the summer. and its really wonderful to see this heaven-like place again. aha!

i dont care and never will how my room looks. its my identity, man! but u know, i have to do sumthing, cuz my friends r cuming over tomorrow! HELP ME! a starnge reason for a strange title.

(psst...heres a lil secret: during most exams, im superstitious enuf to keep that red spiderman tshirt right in the middle of the floor, and those stinking blue socks on the diwan, exactly where they used to lie when i was giving my first exam two yrs ago, which went off as i wanted it to be!)

so cheers to my den!!


Thursday, June 7, 2007

party animals on the prowl

Last night, I burnt my sleep trying to keep awake till twelve.

Reason: My best friend's birthday, and i had to wish her.

At last, at 4 mins to 12, when my eyelids were heavy, drooping with sleep, I decided to wish her.
She picked up the phone, drowsy with sleep, and snapped it after a 'Thank You'.
She too had kept awake for my call! We both are such big idiots! No wonder I don't believe in 'opposites attract'!

We've decided upon a theme for the party this evening - ghosts. Hey! Of all the topics in the world, or rather, out of the world, did it have to be just this ??!!

Well, it's damn spooky, but it wasn't my idea! its just that my friend does crazy things, being a very creative person....hehe.

Now I simply don't know what to wear for the party!
Every Saturday, I'm bound to pick up a nice pair of capris and some awesome Tees displayed in shop windows, and adding them to the huge pile of clothes in my bureau, but when it comes to actually wearing one, it's impossible to select! it's worse if the theme is 'fantasy', and u've gotta wear something creepy and 'straight from the streets'.

I'm not a fashion freak, nor am I really trendy, just plain 'smartly' or 'cutely' dressed.

So don't just sit there and point out spelling mistakes!
Help me! ! !

u know who

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The DON is back....

Im finally back after two whole weeks of complete boredom and torture, since the net had a cold and was advised complete rest by the doc (hehe).

I hate to admit it, but im really missing that old routine of getting up early, half sleeping and brushing my teeth, rushing to catch the bus, sitting and dreaming until sumbody reminded me to get down, racing to the class and seeing who came first, teasing friends who look idiotic in two ponies, dog-earing books (later getting scolded by mum), taking pangas with teachers, getting into trouble (sumtimes), getting out of trouble(hehe) and all that stuff….skool has its own charm! sigh!

sometimes, its really amazing how we simply long to get away, away from the hustle-bustle and tensions of skool. But when u do get a few days free, u simply don’t know what the hell ur supposed to do! Ok, I know the first few days u can roam around with not a care in the world, but isn’t 2 months of doing the same thing too much?!

Sometimes, like this once, all your holiday plans come crashing down. its very frustrating, especially when the sun has made up his mind to melt all beings on earth. we hide from that orange ball inside those ACed rooms, just like roaches do!

Nothing to do, except stare at the dumb and rather ugly face of the monitor…..sigh, sigh, sigh!

iv been postponing my hhw for too long now. whenever I decide to search for some decent stuff on the net, there’s always a good friend ready to say hello, and then im down with the chatting fever.
result: no work done. three more weeks to go…..

a rather bored jan

Monday, May 28, 2007

Holiday Homework

I was planning to protest against this wretched phenomenon.


Holiday homework was worked out by the teachers as part of their "Student Torture Scheme".
When we kids protested, the teachers agreed (with a wicked gleam in their eyes), to give holiday homework that was 'fun' to do. Well teachers, try serving karela juice in a gold tumbler.It still tastes bitter.

This is what we got, call it 'fun' HHW:
"Geometrically represent factorization of quadratic polynomial ax2 + bx + c" err....what?

Personally, I would have preferred:
"Represent practically, movies + frnds + popcorn + no HHW ( = mast hols!)

However, there's loads of HHW to be done, and we'll be graded for it too. I thought exams come in September, or don't they?!

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Countdown Begins......


Exactly TEN days to my birthday, and the mailbox is already flooded with greetings from close friends, classmates, masis, buas, cousins, second cousins and many, many others who bother to remember this 'significant' day every year.
It's the least I can do to thank them graciously, for it's their blessings and good wishes with which I have always started each year, for the last thirteen years of my life!!

This year, I have already received an advance present. My granny is coming to stay with us for a few weeks, all the way from Chennai!!
Travelling along with her are loads of home-made pickles, sweets and namkeens , which flavour my mouth for the entire year. And when she comes, I'll be free to do what I want, attend karate classes and music lessons, even when mum and dad are away at work!! thnx granny!

Its remarkable how someone's birthday gives you more excitement than your own. At least, that's the case with me! Whether its my parents' birthday, or my friends', or relatives', it's very exciting to plan surprise parties or outings, buying a nice present and just sit and watch their reactions as they open them.
But if its your own birthday, then all u have to do is sit on the sofa like a couch potato and watch preparations taking place. Worse, when people whisper mysteriously behind your backs, and your fingers simply itch to open the presents!!

Sometimes, though, when u work hard and things don't turn out properly,it proves to be quite a turn off! Like,this year, on May 1st, on my mom's b'day, we had planned to go out for a movie together, after ages! But dad's car got stuck in traffic, and that totally spoiled our plans! But mum was a great sport, and she decided to treat us instead,with pizza delivered home.

Now when skool reopens in July, I'll be expected to become totally broke, by treating all my friends in the canteen. But that's the real fun of having a birthday!!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blogger ke side effects.....

Hardy a week old blogger, I'm already experiencing the side effects of blogging:

1.Gaining weight (by sitting for hours on the net)

2. Internet bills

3. Red eyes

4. Neglecting TV

5. Irritated friends (who miss my incoming calls)

6. Growing impatience, lacking topics

7. Change in the entire 'holiday timetable'

Phew!! blogger होना आसान नहीं है!!


Monday, May 21, 2007

cotton candy

Well, certainly,I'm not talking about those pink fluffs of candy u get on the streets!
It's those dear lil' pups outside in the garden, who have stolen my heart. They'r hardly a month old, and so damn cute! They have soft,white fur, like cotton!They'r so cuddly,so naughty.

Mum and I went to the park yesterday,and discovered these li'l angels running about.We cuddled them and played for a while, and I was so sad to leave them and go!

Living in an apartment has its own disadvantages.You can't have a pup at home. And I, being a single child, am badly in need of a doggy friend.One of my pals, shy, has a very naughty and rather 'photogenic' pup.Hey shy, u sure are lucky! another of my friends, AP, has two white labs, Kaju and Kishmish. I sure envy them sometimes!

I'll try and get some pics of those lovely creatures and put them up.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

When the phone bill arrives.......

"अरे यार,क्या हाल-चाल है?"
"ठीक हूँ, बस बोर हो रही थी"
"और बता?" and blah blah blah blah...............

Ever been at a loss for words? I mean, when u speak so much to somebody that u don't have any topic to speak on, anymore?Any topic that comes to your mind, it's already a decade old!
That's the case with me nowadays।U see, with holidays on, we classmates don't have much to do, and we certainly won't brood over those boring books! So the only option left is to chat on the phone or, on the net.

Result : the dreaded phone bill becomes more of a long, never-ending manuscript and u shiver when it arrives the same way when your school princy walks past the corridor, or before an exam!

I guess this is the age when people are affected by the Phone Clutching Syndrome (PCS)!! Got any medicine?

Well, gotta leave. MG का फ़ोन आ रहा है !!


mini switzerland

No no, I haven't been to Switzerland, it's a place much, much nearer. I had been to Dalhousie, with all my friends, as part of a school excursion. I had the time of my life!!

Dalhousie was built as a summer retreat in 1874, and was named after the then Governor-General, Lord Dalhousie, of the British in India.

It's a picturesque place with gigantic mountains surrounded by pine trees, their tips touching the clouds। It has deep narrow valleys, with little brooks snaking their way thro' them.who says greenery is lost from the earth? there is still such a place, painted green, so heavenly, calm and serene; an absolute treat for your senses.

I have been to many hill stations, Mussoorie,Nainital,Shimla, to name a few. But what was it in Dalhousie that other hilly places lacked? Well, it seemed so untouched by human nature, so isolated and exotic, with very few human settlements around.
We had to travel by bus from the Pathankot railway station to Dalhousie, a four hour journey in all! As i looked out of the window, i was listening to my fav rap song. Western culture and Indian scenery? Nah! They don't match. So i switched it off, while others slept, and opened my ears to the sweet twittering of the birds outside.

Unfortunately, Dalhousie does not have any good tourist places of interest। You must be ready to walk long distances, and at the end of the journey, be satisfied with the simplest of structures. We trekked for about 2 km to Subhash Baoli, and all we got to see was a small outlet of mineral water, which is believed to have cured S.C. Bose of TB. We also visited Punjpulla,Khajjiar and Satdhara.

I'm not promoting Dalhousie or something, this is I wish to thank the place for giving me a wonderful time with my friends and teachers (who looked awful in their jeans!!)


dear diary......

I don't know what struck me to start a blog of my own. A personal blog is pretty much similar to a diary, and with so much work to do, I can't afford to maintain one. And writing a diary doesn't run in the family too.

But the other day, while I was bunking classes (I'd like to boast i was, but actually, it was a free period) , I decided to go over to the library and read some book. The librarian resembles Adnan Sami in many ways, but she's really kind and respectable.
I selected a book from the nearest shelf, "The Story Of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank. It's pretty famous. "The story of an ordinary teen leading an extraordinary life", that's what the summary on the cover said. And after reading a few pages, I realized it was quite relevant too.....since I'm gonna become a teen in less than a month! I simply loved it!

That's when I thought how useful it can be to put down your thoughts, your feelings and your day to day activities. Although I'm no Shakespeare, I too love to write, and when there is simply no topic to write on, write your diary! With technology available, why not do it online?

By the way, my summer hols are on, so I've got plenty of time on my hands.This was my first post, and I look forward to writing many, many more in the days to come!! Please leave some comments, and encourage me to write more and more!