Thursday, February 28, 2008

Exams Ahoy

Here are a few notes I made while studying for my History exam...

Mangal Pandey : The somehow-related, long lost ancestor of my music teacher Mr.Pandey and was famous for his moustache.
General Dyer : Manufacturers of generally used hair dyes.
Lal, Bal and Pal : Red haired patriots.
Gandhiji : A great, idealistic man who changed Munnabhai's life.
Nehru : Rahul Gandhi's great granddad.
The Iron man of India : Refers to a man so strong that bullets bounced off his chest.
The Non-cooperation Movement : Students of schools refuse to cooperate with teachers, by submitting the homework in 'stages'.
Congress Session at Calcutta in 1906 : Demand for Swaraj or self-government, a movement led by student leaders for participation in the running of the school.
Swadeshi and boycott movements : Bonfires of naughtiness that ignited the hearts of the ruling chemistry teachers.
Partition of Bengal, 1905 : The disintegration of a united class, on the basis of the language chosen, i.e. Hindi or Sanskrit.
Imerial Dubar, 1911 : Shifting of the capital of the naughtiest kids in school, from middle to high school.
Morley-Minto reforms: the new mint-flavoured mouth freshner.

PHEW....History is soooo 'relevant'!

Friday, February 15, 2008


A bouquet of fragrant roses,
Tickling your nose.
Heart-warming cards,
And shouts of joy.
Boxes of heart shaped chocolates,
Coated with love.
Red dresses, blushing cheeks
And pearly-white smiles.
Happy ladies, kids and lads,
Thus begin excited young lives.

The sun smiles through the window.
Surprise! It's a sunny morn
On a winter day.
The garden blooms,
The puddles shine.
The trees sway,
And flowers glow.
Oh why does it rain roses,
Halfway thru' February?
Is it 'cuz....
It's V-Day, so very early?

Well, being just a young teen, V-Day does not hold much significance for me....or maybe, it does!
It's a festival celebrating love, right? So don't I love my mom, my dad, my friends, and the puppies in my society?

So yea, let's all celebrate the fesival of love, just as enthusiastically as we celebrate the festival of lights, and the festival of colours, and teach each other to love, and destroy all differences that build up a wall of hatred between us.

After all, somebody once said,there are many in the world who die due to starvation, and hundreds due to thirst. But there are many more who die due to the scarcity of love and kindness........



Winner vs. Loser

Winners are part of a team,
Losers are apart from a team.
Winners have dreams,
Losers have schemes.
Winners see the gain,
Losers see the pain.
Winners always have a programmme,
Losers always have an excuse.
Winners make commitments,
Losers make promises.

Winners say, "I must do something."
Losers say, "Something must be done."
Winners stand firm on values but compromise on petty things,
Losers stand firm on petty things but compromise on value.
Winners make it happen,
Losers let it happen.
Winners use hard arguements but soft words,
Losers use soft arguements but hard words.
The winner says, "It may be difficult, but it's possible."
The loser say, "It may be possible, but it's difficult."

Winners always seek an answer for every problem,
Losers always seek a problem to every answer.
Winners say, "Let me do it for you."
Losers say, "That's not my job."
When a winner makes a mistake, he says,
"I was wrong."
When a loser makes a mistake, he says,
"It wasn't my fault."

Whether you succeed or fail, if you just fit the above description, then you surely are a winner in the game called life....

filled with optimism and looking forward to new opportunities,

Sunday, February 10, 2008


"बस चंद कदम,
बस चंद कदम,
बस चंद कदम की बात है....
हर तरफ उजाला फैल गया,
बस कहीं-कहीं अब रात है...
- जावेद अख्तर

I was watching the Lead India finals a few days ago, a whiff of fresh air after watching those idotic saas-bahu soaps and some 'unrealistic' reality shows.
Although I liked the authenticity of the program, there were many things I'd critisize as well:
Firstly, the unfair elimination of all the true leaders, like Dipayan Dey and Sanjiv Kaura, my personal favourites, sucked away all interest I had since the first episode.
Secondly, the insincerity in the speeches of the finalists was slowly begginning to show through. They aimed only at impressing the jury, who had their own personal favourites.
Third, I detested the entire system of public voting, introduced mainly for increasing TRP's.

After occupying entire first pages of the TOI for several days, Lead India did not seem to have achieved what it claimed it could. I yawned several times as the finalists struggled to get through their learnt-by-heart speeches- all to impress the 'distinguished' jury out there.

Lastly, it was as they say.... empty vessels makes more noise....