Monday, June 18, 2007

Rain, rain, come again!

hi everybody!

since i dont have anything to write on, i thought id write sumthing about the rain; its been raining like cats and dogs since morning!
'cats and dogs'.....hmm, isnt it a rather funny phrase? well, if u know the meaning, then do tell me!

i sumtimes feel i mustve been a peacock in my last birth. i simply loooooove the rain!
nopes, not when it simply 'drizzles'! it must rain heavily, and the trees must sway, the umbrellas must come out, and the wind must blow. thats the perfect rainy season for me!

unfortunately, cold and cough being my old enimies, im nvr allowed to go out and drench myself completely, and am restricted to stand in the balcony with my arms stretched in front of me. atleast i get to that!

i dont like it when it rains in the morning. then its not fun at all! it must rain at nite, when the street lights are on, and u can actually 'see' the rain and the little puddles reflecting the lights.
even better, if there is some melodious song playing on the FM.

longing to get drenched,

Saturday, June 16, 2007

JBJ did'nt make me jhoom at all!

I went to a movie on saturday nite after ages.....only cuz it was really hyped about. it was, as u might have guessed, jhoom barabar jhoom.

CAST : a dimpled 'pretty' zinta, a bhatinda da chokra (yawn!), a tall street singer sporting a pirates inspired hairdo, a curly haired nerd, and a former miss world failing miserably by trying to be 'genuinely' and irritatingly french.

STORY: they probly didnt have a scriptwriter, cuz thr was no story at all! just a couple of 'meant to be funny' incidents. and i didnt hear a single laugh in the theatre.

director's view point : to make a movie for the genX. (what the hell? even genZ wunt wanna watch such rubbish!)

bigB's role : बीच- बीच में आसमान से टपको, नाचो, बोर करो, और भाग जाओ! although it was verrrrrrrrrrrry repetitive, i must say this was what i luvd best।

so if ur going to see this movie, DONT! take a step bkwards, and head straight towards home, and heave a sigh of relief that ur Rs.150 are still in ur pocket, not down the drain!

still hoping i might get to jhoom,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Maths Trouble

iv been doing sum maths lately.well, actually, so much of rationalizing and factorizing and solving equations that iv actually started dreaming of maths too! sheesh!

the prob is tht wev got an elinimation test for this maths compettive exam called Aryabhatta, and im desperate to pass it somehow. and since i sit idle most of the time thses days, iv decide to put pen to paper and draw sum complimentary angles. and yea, i actually opened the 9th book and jotted down sum sums for 'xtra' practice. man, they're so damn difficult !!


a wannabe mathematician,

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pirate of The Den - at wits' end!

आज की ताज़ा ख़बर: My friends joked they're planning to hold an inter-block competition for the messiest room. if this turns out to be true, there's no doubt they'll unanimously vote for the person who owns the room in which this computer is currently placed. yeah, me!

So today, i thought i'd simply fill up this white space by describing my room in minute detail so that u people can tell me if im really worthy of this award. (btw, my trophy cupboard has been empty for a while, so i can do with an awrd or two...... )

On the white door leading to The Den, there is a huge denis the menace poster cautoning u to back off. excellent मेहमान नवाज़ी, nah?

once inside, u are greeted not by me, but by a cute li'l baby lizard (named lizzie) playing corners. next would probly be a spiderman tshirt crying to be rescued. yeah, spiderman. NOTbarbie.

then there is a really untidy timetable scribbled on white (or is it dusty black?) board, which i hardly even glance at.

u might even be lucky enough to peek at a huge wooden cupbord right above my study table, the pride of my room.cuz it holds all the books iv ever read (i dont mean textbuks), starting from nursery rhymes to grandma stories to chicken soups.

apart from this, the only other 'pleasant' thing ull find are those kiddish 'think positive' and 'anger is bad' posters plastered onto the walls. a few years ago, it was twinkle twinkle li'l stars instead....hehe.

then there's is also a huge diwan and a black, ugly computer next to it, and loads of books and clothes and circulars with the principal's sign all over the place.

if u search patiently, which i usually do not, u might even find a newspaper dating back to 2002!
im certainly not exaggerating.
i swear my room is cleaned painstakingly by mum (as i snore away), only a day before sum visitor is paying a visit to my wonderland. other times i dont pay attention to mum's repeated warnings of cleaning up or getting grounded, and she soon gets fed up.
u know, it useless trying to make an unwilling horse drink water!! ;)

well let me tell u this isnt my permanent den. when it gets too cold out here, i migrate to another room for a few months and then return to the den in the summer. and its really wonderful to see this heaven-like place again. aha!

i dont care and never will how my room looks. its my identity, man! but u know, i have to do sumthing, cuz my friends r cuming over tomorrow! HELP ME! a starnge reason for a strange title.

(psst...heres a lil secret: during most exams, im superstitious enuf to keep that red spiderman tshirt right in the middle of the floor, and those stinking blue socks on the diwan, exactly where they used to lie when i was giving my first exam two yrs ago, which went off as i wanted it to be!)

so cheers to my den!!


Thursday, June 7, 2007

party animals on the prowl

Last night, I burnt my sleep trying to keep awake till twelve.

Reason: My best friend's birthday, and i had to wish her.

At last, at 4 mins to 12, when my eyelids were heavy, drooping with sleep, I decided to wish her.
She picked up the phone, drowsy with sleep, and snapped it after a 'Thank You'.
She too had kept awake for my call! We both are such big idiots! No wonder I don't believe in 'opposites attract'!

We've decided upon a theme for the party this evening - ghosts. Hey! Of all the topics in the world, or rather, out of the world, did it have to be just this ??!!

Well, it's damn spooky, but it wasn't my idea! its just that my friend does crazy things, being a very creative person....hehe.

Now I simply don't know what to wear for the party!
Every Saturday, I'm bound to pick up a nice pair of capris and some awesome Tees displayed in shop windows, and adding them to the huge pile of clothes in my bureau, but when it comes to actually wearing one, it's impossible to select! it's worse if the theme is 'fantasy', and u've gotta wear something creepy and 'straight from the streets'.

I'm not a fashion freak, nor am I really trendy, just plain 'smartly' or 'cutely' dressed.

So don't just sit there and point out spelling mistakes!
Help me! ! !

u know who