Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My blog turned an year old yesterday.

Well, I must confess, when a friend introduced me to Blogger an year ago, I had rolled my eyes, thinking it must be just another 'public venting machine' for guys who stuck to their computers like permamanent glue. It was for people who'd suffered heartaches, bad hair days, bad marks, broken fingernails, nerdy friends or were unlucky enough to see Khali in person. In short, it was the favourite pastime for all the vela people in the world....

But now, an year later, I give myself THREE SLAPS for saying that (plus some more on behalf of my blogger pals, who are in no way eccentric!).

And even though my hands are busy nursing my red cheek, I type with my elboes to say that if Blogger were a human being, he/she (whichever gender it prefers) would be my best friend. I would save a seat for her everyday in the bus, share my lunch with her during recess, do all her homework (Sanskrit included), share all my secrets with her, and giggle at stupid jokes till we drove the teachers crazy.

Thanks Blogger. I kicked aside the TV to make blogging my fav hobby. And yes, I promise to be a better bloggie in the years to come...

searching for b'day candles,



happy birthday.
you are already a good writer.
Now start beleiving it also.
keep writing.
Visit MAN IN PAINTING when u get time.Because u like dreams u definitely will like the surreal.

jan said...

@man-in-painting: whoa...interesting name!
thank you's for ur compliment.
ill dfntly visit ur blog asap.

keep dropping by!:)

Asmita said...

Well done. Good you stood ground for 1 year :)just came across ur blog thru some community

well done.will keep visiting :)

Snobster said...

Happy Birthday to yur Bloggie!!!

jan said...

@asmita: welcome ma'am! i'd luv to visit ur blog too, plzz leave ur url next time! :)

jan said...

@snobster: thnx anisha, and same to you!


Tshhar Mangal said...

hey great blogs
Congratulation on your first year as a blogger.Wrote few lines about your blog on mine
Do chek it out on
God bless you :-)

jan said...

@tshhar mangal: thnx! ill surely chck out ur blog!

C R D said...

heya!!!! thanx for ur wishes. hope u keep blogging till ur grand daughter gets herself false teeth at 80 :P

u owe me a treat too, no? [:P]

keep blogging :)

jan said...

@cris: na...not till 80.will be busy bossing over my grandkid!
treat? ya sure, come to my skool canteen. where they cook samosas in sweat and kids' blood. they provide ambulance service too. :p :p

Keshi said...

Happy First hun MWAH!


jan said...

thank you keshi.