Sunday, June 8, 2008

Usual Blah Blah

Hey do check out this blog:

This is a group blog about good books owned by some of my new found bloggie frndz.

To the few readers of this blog, if I disappear from this blog and just in case you miss me, you'll find me on this blog!

jan aka net addict.


ραηкнυяι said...

i yur blog..!!..main tushar ko yeh hi keh rahi aapka blog itna acha hai..!!!

keep it upp..!!!
god bless ya..!!

Tshhar Mangal said...

THank you jan, for joining, the reader's paradise. :-)

Rahul.. in the city of dreamz said...

and what makes you think you will go away ?? ;)

dont go! btw.. i am visiting for the first time! nice blog :)

and the puppy is too cute man!

-Rahul (

jan said...

hey pankhuri,
welcome to my blog!
btw...don't call me 'aap' yaar...ur mah frnd now! :)


jan said...

@tshhar: thts my pleasure sir!

jan said...

hey rahul, welcome to my blog!
im already an ardent fan of ur blog. nd u, of curs! :D

keep dropping by...