Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ideas Plz

There is a very short story competition to be held in a nearby school and there are around 20 students taking part in it. We have to work as a team to develop a story, which will later on be staged as a skit.

If you have any good ideas on which I can build a story of around 250 words, do share them with me.

Thank You.


Tshhar Mangal said...

Abhi mere blog pe thoda ruckus chal raha.
Koi idea bata i will help you in development.
Moral bahut strong hona chahiye

Sahefa said...

hmmm competition eh?
How about romeo and Juliette...its always famous:P

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey its a short story competion right...and all the 20 students are taking part in it...does it means that each one is to supposed to write a story and i guess even ur participating....any way ...but dont u think a story of 250 words will be too short i mean very short if ur considering to be staged as a skit at a later stage :0


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aneesh said...

hey zenny finally am back with an idea:p

ok here it goes ...se u wanna write a story of around 250 words right???

so try something like a story giving social message or something which can be clearly exhibited in the form of a skit......like smething related to racism,caste discrimination....hatred n all...wht u think .........will it do???

like i wrote a story when i was 16 calld blessing in disguise....its a story of a 8 yrs old dark boy from africa ...who is a victim of racism in south africa...like there used to be some sort of racism in south africa between the white and black ppl ..... kite festival is a popular festival in south africa ....i am called as the guest ...and the judge.....

the boy also participates in the event ....he has a black painted kite...so i ask him about his kite...he tells that hez black so his kite is black as blacks in south africa are not given priveliges....the writer explains him that being black is not a fault...being black try to achieve the feats that white cant achieve.....removes mis conceptions from his mind....

and the boy finally wins ....and i (writer) is a blessing in disguise for the boy

wht u say ...will this story work... like it also gives a social message

I wrote this story when i was young and i called it as" blessing in disguise"

wht say

reply me

we can modify to suit ur needs if u liked this one??

Tshhar Mangal said...

Main bhi yeh kahunga
Bahut hi chotti story banegi
250 words ki
And sahefa is right.Koi romantic si story likh.
Judge bhi senti ho jaaye :P

jan said...

THANK YOU everybody for your wonderful ideas and suggestions.

Well, yes Tshhar, i meant to write a story of 250 words only, but ended up writing 1200+ words!

Romeo and Juliet would be a very good idea for a play Sahefa, but the story has to be original, and if selected, it may be shot as a movie too! Exciting, na?

That was indeed a beautiful story, Aneesh!! I really loved it!
Unfortunately, I had already submitted my story when I received your comment! :(
Anyway, next time I have to write something, I'll certainly build it on the lines of ur story!! But yes, I wouldn't dream of COPYING your story just like that!

take care pals!

VERY busy at school...