Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Last Post of 2008

I'm currently occupied with a Disaster Management project. Talking of disasters, the fantastic news is that my entire neighbourhood is coming together for a New Year bash tonight. Going by their tastes in party music, I can predict I'll be lulled to sleep by local Indian Idols claiming to have mastered the fine art of loud, incorrigible, nasty Akon-ish rap. That's what you call a musical disaster...

Coming from a mother who had to look up the net to comprehend the meaning of kitty party, and a father who shrieks and runs at the sight of business parties, I clearly justify my genes. I simply detest loud social dos with bizarre food, bizarre drinks and bizarre people gyrating to the sound of bizarre music. But don't get me wrong. I love music. And I love food. But throw in some 'kya ye aapki beti hai? ohh kitni pyari hai. badi ho gayi hai na? kuch padti hai ki bas mamma ko tang karti hai. ha ha ha.' dialogues, gossip, flashy sarees and lots of fake smiles coming from aunties triple your size, and you have the perfect start for a new year...

So then it's decided, I'm staying back home on New years Eve. Most probably, studying. After all, tomorrow onwards, I'm officially into my Board Year.

(P.S. Went in for a haircut today, after realizing that I looked the same in all my school photographs taken since class 4. Same hairstyle. Same face. Same pose. And same height.
And I look a bit like this guy. Seriously.

Sigh. Well, no matter how I look, you guys have a great year ahead...Happy New Year to everybody! :D )


Tushar Mangl said...

Nice hairstyle :P

Happy New Year
Take care

Snobster said...

Grr I can now know which school you're in..I mean yeah I can guess and the hairstyle looks demented :P Just about defines my hate for the sport and this guy in general.

Happy New Year .

Eternal Dreamer said...

who wouldn't guess snobo...our skool is totally 'unique'. :(

thanks for the compliment. vaise i don't look that bad now..:P