Sunday, February 21, 2010

Less than two weeks to go for my SST Board exam...Yikes!!!


..pAnKHuRi.. said...

All the best !
It will go well :)
dnt wrry :)

Eternal Dreamer said...

thank you! :)

Surya said...

best of luck,
the paper will be nothing,

Surya said...

Well they will start providing the forms again after your board results are out.. where you'll decide what subjects you actually want to take and you will have to fill it even if you have filled this form you have got now. This form you have got now will assign you your required stream on the basis of your pre-boards... and for the classes in April. They will complete one or half a chapter in each subject which will be re-taught in July. It is advisable to submit it right away to attend the classes to get a hang of the XI syllabus. And even if you do, no one will stop you from changing your school/stream after the board results are out and you are free not to attend the classes if you don't want to.

About the optional subjects with PCM:

Computer Science C++: You will be taught about programming techniques in C++... and other computer programming fundamentals like OOP, objects and classes, functions etc. Previous programming knowledge in Qbasic etc. will make this subject extremely easy and high scoring(There is however a lot more in XII than in XI.)I have taken this one. There is a option of changing your subject to economics after XI.

Multimedia&Web Technology: You will be taught about web designing using HTML programming and computer basics etc.

Economics/Statistics: Well about economics... the type you have been studying in sst... Lots of lengthy calculations required in statistics. However a high scoring subject.

Biotechnology: It is similar to the science subjects ... hence would require as intensive study as the rest of the science subjects. You will be taught about biomolecules, and biochemical techniques... quite similar to what you will learn in chemistry(about pH and buffers), but there is more with genetics, macromolecules, cellular divisions, stem cells etc.

These are the optional subjects you will have to choose from and you will accordingly be placed in your section(A or B). None of them will have any effect on your choice after XII. Only your main subjects matter.