Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hey everybody!!!

I'm back!
Yea, people might say I disappeared from the virtual world, neglecting my li'l blog, chatting friends, google, et all- but no, I'm not one to give up so easily.I'm back doing what I love most-blogging, blogging and blogging!!!
I simply love the touch of the keyboard, the sound of the keys, the cute mouse and err...the ugly monitor as well!

Well, my exams have finished and not much of an 'ooooohh-aaaaah' result, but still, I'm satisfied.
But no, it's not I-Day for me yet.....I've got that NTS Exam next month, and having joined late, I've got lots to do!

Holidays have started, but there are more sighs then yays.I've got Aryabhatta classes in the morning, music class in the evening, and a strict diet consisting of nothing but apples and apple juices (Mom thinks I'm growing fat around the waist.Me, skinny ol' me, FAT??!!).

Hey MOM! When did we return to the aadi vasi ages, huh??

And tomorrow onwards, it's those NTSE classes at 8 in school! PHEW!It's like the old school routine again!

Still, there's some good news.The Durga puja celebrations are about to start in our colony, and I simply luuuuuuuuuuuv hanging out there in the pundals with friends.I'll give a performance with my music sir (who would sing), and I'm really looking forward to it!

The last time I performed, the people loved it! So now, there are huge expectations builing up!

But damn it! I can't participiate in the competitions 'cuz the lazy, pot-bellied uncles with pan stained mouths, broken shirt buttons and fat wives believe there was something called a LAST DATE! And when was that they don't remember!Stupid authorities!

Anyway, have I ever told u about my music sir? hmm.....really hard to describe.

Talkative (speaks Benglinglish), fat(err...resembles Adnan Sami), and......."Has an ocean of knowledge about the universal language spoken even by aliens on planet 0023454 that has no atmosphere, and can be easily compared to math-e-matics, the science of practice and patience and humour that is a strategy practised by a species called the backbencher that was so adorably a part of my be-u-thi-full(the French way) childhood that is a state of human....." and so on.In simpler words, he believes he's a talented musician.

And yea, I make an excuse to have some water, and save myself from the torture of his 'beautiful' speeches.


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