Thursday, October 25, 2007

A 'Bad'minton Day

Badminton WAS my fav sport (perhaps cuz it's the only game I can play decently!). And today, I managed to get a few nice shots during the recess, considering I was touching the racket after 6 whole years!

That's when my 6-foot-sth friend decided to prove herself world champion.

MG - Common, Jan, beating u is my left hand's game! (roughly translated from hindi)

Me- (rather sarcastically) Hey Bhaggu! Cummon then, let's play!

(Then began the most un-ladylike game of badminton u'd have ever seen, with both players sweating it out like in the WWE championships.)

And then,

The lengendary player (she, I mean) hit the cock, and we all strained our necks to have a good look at the to-be sixer.

But it was not meant to be! The cock got stuck in a tree!

Then my friend thought it most appropriate to throw the racket and get a good shot at the cock, which refused to come down, like some old, fussy cat. The small group of onlookers, too, followed their leader and started throwing their military equipments at the tree, trying to attack the cock.

And unfortunately, MG's racket too, got stuck there!!


The child (to whom the racket belonged, started crying). My friend and I were given loads of advice from the smart li'l onlookers.

Then, I thought, we coundn't just stand there like guilty thiefs! I ran and got hold of the guard, who picked up the ladder (in the process knocking me down with its end), and brought down the cock and its partner.

He was cheered by the crowd, and became an instant hero.The kiddo was happy again, and walked off feeling embarrassed by all this unwanted publicity.

Break was over and we reached class just in time to see the strictest teacher entering our class......

Totally, absolutely, relieved and shocked at the same time,

(P.S. Things to do this weekend:
1. Stop trying to push open locked doors.
2. Prepare a draft on "Building a safer environment".
3. Brush up my G.K.
4. Learn some sudoku solving techniques from pops.
5. Measure my height. )

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Shy said...

wait a did this all before madhu's class, and came back luking perfectly normal?? hell.