Friday, December 21, 2007

Saawariya - Boredom Unlimited

On the ninth of November, while Diwali celebrations were in full swing, my mind decided to plunge into an ocean of neon light darkness - I bought tickets to SAAWARIYA.
Here's a glance at my mental status as I struggled through three hours of endless night, thirsting for sunlight at the end of the tunnel......

As the reel begins to roll, we're ceremoniously introduced to Bhansalipur, where roads lead nowhere, and the Eiffel tower stands next to the Big Ben.Then, there's a market place right next to a Venice-style lake, and people (it's a women dominated society and our hero is the only male visible) use the London bridge to ask for a cup of dahi next door.Sheesh! Who the heck would like to live here, even if it's "The City of Dreams"?!

Bhansali probably took himself too seriously. Except the music, he goofs up almost everywhere. Even his actress, gigglaciously pretty, shatters the heart-wrenching silence of judaai scenes by breaking into a series of irritating, ear-splitting giggles, or with stupidiotic dialogues like,"Ok, Bye!".

Next, I seriously have a complaint against this extravagant use of neon lights.Oh mannn, the entire movie was shot in the night!! Is this Antarctica or something, where we have 6 months day and 6 months night??!!!

Well, probably since it was so 'dark', Saawariyaa never saw light at the box office.

I still experience terrifying Saawariyaa nightmares.

Hoping u were spared,


visveshwar said...

Hey Sis!!! Was up???
Its a wonderful feeling to view ur blog and atleast u do maintain the proverbial "BLOG" unlike me......jus kiddin.....I dont have patience to read through all the articles, but I did a few nd they are mind blowing...... Keep u the good work and keep in touch

Keep blogggggggggging:)

CresceNet said...

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Mock said...

Hey Janani,

Aarthi pointed me here. You surely have a very impressive blog.

And I was "spared" ;).


Govind krishna kumar said...

hello dear

i am govind, a friend of ur cousin aarthi...ur english skills are unbelievable...u would make a fine journalist or analyst one day...keep up the good work.


jan said...

@vish : hey thnx a lot! that was sure encouraging!

@gautam : hehe.u were sure lucky...Thanks for dropping by! :)

@Gautam : i'm so absolutely flattered! :D


C R D said...


never got to watch the movie.

after reading ur post im glad i didnt [:d]

but i bet u';; never watch a movie worse than KHEL

now ull ask me "which movie is this?" :P

p.s ajay jadeja's acting debut..and his only film till date...thankfully :P

jan said...

@c r d: lol...yes, iv nvr hrd abt 'khel'. thnx, ill nvr watch it evn if i get free tickets+popcorn+ pepsi... :)

C R D said...

oh theres no way u'll get pepsi and popcorn or even singchana anyway. the producers and distributors are broke now :P