Friday, February 15, 2008


A bouquet of fragrant roses,
Tickling your nose.
Heart-warming cards,
And shouts of joy.
Boxes of heart shaped chocolates,
Coated with love.
Red dresses, blushing cheeks
And pearly-white smiles.
Happy ladies, kids and lads,
Thus begin excited young lives.

The sun smiles through the window.
Surprise! It's a sunny morn
On a winter day.
The garden blooms,
The puddles shine.
The trees sway,
And flowers glow.
Oh why does it rain roses,
Halfway thru' February?
Is it 'cuz....
It's V-Day, so very early?

Well, being just a young teen, V-Day does not hold much significance for me....or maybe, it does!
It's a festival celebrating love, right? So don't I love my mom, my dad, my friends, and the puppies in my society?

So yea, let's all celebrate the fesival of love, just as enthusiastically as we celebrate the festival of lights, and the festival of colours, and teach each other to love, and destroy all differences that build up a wall of hatred between us.

After all, somebody once said,there are many in the world who die due to starvation, and hundreds due to thirst. But there are many more who die due to the scarcity of love and kindness........



Mirage said...

Hmmm....very beautifully put! Altho my Vday was rather boring...was my boss's bday and god knows I dnt love her!! But had to celebrate neway...sighhh!

Btw.."critic's comments"?! Come on! :P

jan said...

well,bosses nd teachers belong to the same species dont they?

visveshwar said...

cute poem....

but is it of any relevance to the scores suffering on the street... i know i am sarcastic....but reality stings and makes u feel numb.....

jan said...

@vish: ur right, mayb it isnt. still, the hope for a better world never dies...