Sunday, February 10, 2008


"बस चंद कदम,
बस चंद कदम,
बस चंद कदम की बात है....
हर तरफ उजाला फैल गया,
बस कहीं-कहीं अब रात है...
- जावेद अख्तर

I was watching the Lead India finals a few days ago, a whiff of fresh air after watching those idotic saas-bahu soaps and some 'unrealistic' reality shows.
Although I liked the authenticity of the program, there were many things I'd critisize as well:
Firstly, the unfair elimination of all the true leaders, like Dipayan Dey and Sanjiv Kaura, my personal favourites, sucked away all interest I had since the first episode.
Secondly, the insincerity in the speeches of the finalists was slowly begginning to show through. They aimed only at impressing the jury, who had their own personal favourites.
Third, I detested the entire system of public voting, introduced mainly for increasing TRP's.

After occupying entire first pages of the TOI for several days, Lead India did not seem to have achieved what it claimed it could. I yawned several times as the finalists struggled to get through their learnt-by-heart speeches- all to impress the 'distinguished' jury out there.

Lastly, it was as they say.... empty vessels makes more noise....

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