Thursday, February 28, 2008

Exams Ahoy

Here are a few notes I made while studying for my History exam...

Mangal Pandey : The somehow-related, long lost ancestor of my music teacher Mr.Pandey and was famous for his moustache.
General Dyer : Manufacturers of generally used hair dyes.
Lal, Bal and Pal : Red haired patriots.
Gandhiji : A great, idealistic man who changed Munnabhai's life.
Nehru : Rahul Gandhi's great granddad.
The Iron man of India : Refers to a man so strong that bullets bounced off his chest.
The Non-cooperation Movement : Students of schools refuse to cooperate with teachers, by submitting the homework in 'stages'.
Congress Session at Calcutta in 1906 : Demand for Swaraj or self-government, a movement led by student leaders for participation in the running of the school.
Swadeshi and boycott movements : Bonfires of naughtiness that ignited the hearts of the ruling chemistry teachers.
Partition of Bengal, 1905 : The disintegration of a united class, on the basis of the language chosen, i.e. Hindi or Sanskrit.
Imerial Dubar, 1911 : Shifting of the capital of the naughtiest kids in school, from middle to high school.
Morley-Minto reforms: the new mint-flavoured mouth freshner.

PHEW....History is soooo 'relevant'!


shy said...

"The disintegration of a united class, on the basis of the language chosen, i.e. Hindi or Sanskrit."

Now i know where you get your 99.9 % from.

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visveshwar said...

Jan u rock...... i have become`ur fan especially after reading ur rememberig the name article......wat a pity i am done with my college or else would have asked you to prepare one for all of my subjects

jan said...

@shy : ;)

@notebooks : thank you, and welcome to my blog!

@vish : hehe..preparing notes is fun, as long as u can trash them after the exams...