Saturday, May 17, 2008

IQ - Ignorance Quotient.

I gave an online IQ test today.
Ok. So I gave thousands of IQ tests today. And got a different score each time. I started off with 80 (am i the inhabitant of a madhouse?), then got 115 (im such a dork), then 134 (not bad...), then 148 (did somebody hack my account or what?), and suddenly, I got 160 (whoa!!!!).
So I concluded my IQ changes with my mood. With my clothes. And with what I ate for breakfast....

I may not know what my IQ exactly is, but I'm sure of the following things. Pakka.

1) I'm as stupid as the participants on 'Main Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hun'.

3) I'm so dumb I moved on to point (3) before writing point (2).

4) I'm smarter than Mr.Bean, Charlie Chaplin, Govinda, Paris Hilton and other you-know-whos.

5) I'm as smart as the model who got 5/100 in a history test. Extra marks for good handwriting.
6) I don't stare at a bottle of orange juice just because it says "Concentrate".

7) Scientists say humans use just 10% of their brain. I can prove them wrong. I use just 8%.

8) I totally believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. And that they are on an exchange programme.

9) Still, I'm not as bad as my neighbour who took his computer to the doctor when it had a virus attack.

10) Till today, I thought 'Stardust' is an astronomy magazine. Really.

(P.S. Jus kiddin'. No inferiority complex.)


Snobster said...

Hey chick!!
thnx for all that appreciation and hey ur blogs are quite a roll too..i mean for a long tyme i havent read such wonderful piece of sarcasm after my own blogs[*whatever*]
and hey wat did u say abt femina girl blog thingy??did my blog relee got a place there??? i mean i dunn even knw...cud ya plz tell me wich issue cuz i hav subscribed the mag and gawd knws wen will dey send it!!!

Keshi said...

haha sweet one!

**I don't stare at a bottle of orange juice just because it says "Concentrate".

ROFL loved that one!

Im as dumb as any other humanbeing too :)


jan said...

@annie:hiyas. iv left all the reqd info on ur blog. btw, congrats! :)

jan said...

@keshi: ty!