Thursday, May 29, 2008

Suggestions open for post title.

Venue: Mom's office.

Time: After digesting samosas and before eating gulab jamuns.
Current Occupation: Indulging in blissful velapanti. Wasting 6 hours on the net. Searching for blog fodder.
Current thoughts: To do Sanskrit Homework.
Current second thoughts: Will do that later.
I don't have much to write about, so I'm posting a poem which I wrote the last time I visited a workplace...around the age of 9.

I edited quite a few things in the poem, but left the spelling and grammatical errors untouched. It's very, very kiddish, but I still love it! :)

Office Office
When I entered mom's office,
The adult world greeted me.
Smiles, chocolates, cakes and muffins
Oh! I felt like a VIP.
I spotted uncles
They were typing furiously.
And aunties in glittering saris,
Speaking amica'bily'. :P
There were mountains of files
Which came up to my nose,
And the smell of samosa
Also reached my nose.
Everybody was busy
So I wandered here and there.
Troubled everyone
And ate there heads.
I played a game on computer
And talked to my friend.
I ate aloo paneer and matar
And burger in the end. (I don't think I really ate all that then! Was Miss-skin-and-bones.)
But I had a very nice day
At five o' clock,
I said bye to the world of adults
And Mummy took me away....

That's all for now...hope u liked it! ;)


Snobster said...

the best poem i've heard in viscinity of my life!! honestly very descriptive and funny enough ;)
(to the Samosas)

jan said...

@snobster: lol...thnxx! :D

Snobster said...

whenever i read dis it happened almost thrice...i crave samosas



jan said...

@snobster: thnx bhaggu, atleast smbdy shares my cravings for samosas!