Thursday, June 4, 2009


At 11:45 last night, I gathered my mobile, cordless phone and other aids of communication lying about the house, and settled down with some pillows in front of the TV for a sleepless night ahead. I was joyous for two reasons - One, in exactly a quarter of an hour I would complete 15 years of ruthless consumption of the planet's oxygen, and two, several people had hinted that they wanted to share this proud moment with me - exactly when the cuckoo clock struck twelve.

However, the poor sleep deprived soul that I am, I slipped into a beautiful slumber, dreaming about gift wrapped Twilight books and imported perfumes sitting on my table. I woke up only at 12:30. No missed calls. No messages. From anyone! I felt really vain and idiotic, sitting there with so many phones but not a soul to talk to. Where were those several people?? Thinking that there would soon be a new addition to my list of most disappointing birthdays, I returned to my dream.

But guess what? The celestial bodies governing my destiny changed their minds, and this turned out to be my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! I'll share the details with you later...too occcupied with today's events! :P


Snobster said...

Belated Happy Birthday : )

Nice layout and have a great bored (!) year.

Hemal said...

Belated Happy Birthday sweety! am just amazed with the level of your writing skill! Great going girl...

pawan said...

Well, Belated happy birthday!
And skimming through your blog, I find it very very engrossing!
It's rare to find blog's with childish emotions in them and I should tell I really liked it!

Well, be a bit regular towards posting (I can understand your situation though!, coming to the 'X'th means a heck lot of pressure!

And I found the description about your Sanskrit madam and The Principal extremely hilarious!
Keep up the good work!

I'm following your blog right away!

Eternal Dreamer said...

@snobster,hemal and pawan :
thank you so much! :D

Eternal Dreamer said...

@ snobster (again): sacchi mein bored!

pawan said...

And Im completely flattered by ur comment!
Well, I do know "The Solitary Reaper" and I studies it in school too, but I was not inspired by it in any way!
Thanks a ton for visiting my blog!

Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...

came back again .. :D ... one thing why don't u get a 'library thing' widget to showcase ur book shelf instead of putting up the names in the sidebar ... i don't have it on my blog, but loads of people do ... and i really like your profile description .. so very sweet ...

Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...

and lastly .. am following ur blog too!!! cheerio

Eternal Dreamer said...

@Subhayan: thnx for the suggestion, i'll soon try it.

shayeri said...

wow happy birthday! =]
mine's coming soon too. w00t. power to me.
in answer to your question, THINK, DETERMINE, WEIGH, ELIMINATE. taking bio and living to see a great result is of great satisfaction, but the path is very tricky and convoluted. it's two years of blood sweat and tears literally.

Vamshi Krishna A said...

Belated Bday wishes and keep going into those beautiful slumbers. not many are blessed with them. Keep posting. Good luck.

angel in disguise.... said...

first of all...belated HAPPY BDAY!
so how is this year treating u?:)
the post was very cute and it had the awww..factor in it..i simply loved it..:)

Shas said...

Belated happy B'day!! Well no updates since your b'day. Looks like you're still in your dreams...lolzz

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

First of all !!
Belated happy birthday !!

Secondly !!
Tera gift merey blog par hai !!!
Check out !!!!!

cheers !!

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

I am back again !

another gift for you !

view my blog :)

Surya said...

Long time no post...?