Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friendship Day and much more.....

Ok, I'm a li'l late for this post, but still...

August 5th was Friendship Day, or was it 'Band and Bracelet Day'? Well, I'd prefer the second one, though.
I've always been 'against' this so called ritual of gifting friendship bands to friends. It just doesn't make sense.
I feel a friend is worth not just a few 10 rupees.....she's invaluable!

I had vowed I wouldn't waste money this year; save it instead for treats for buddies later on.

But why be the odd one out? So in the end, not unlike last year and all the years before that, I managed to persuade mum to buy some nice bracelets.
I myself received quite a few gifts, and that made me feel very happy (although I went around bleating all this is nonsense!).

I got a note in my diary, the first ever in my life, for not having brought my GK book. The teacher thought I hadn't 'brought', but actually, I hadn't even 'bought' the silly book (I still haven't!).

And yeah, Gran went back to Chennai. Although I'm feeling really, really, really bad, I'm also glad she's happy back there.
I somehow feel Gran'll never come to like Delhi.Nothing's as cozy as one's own home, right? Anyway, I think I gotta get used to the old routine again.Sigh...


(P.S.Preparations are in full swing for I-Day!!)

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