Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Shattered Dream

Yesterday, after searching for hours, I got the results of the written prelims of WIZTEAM 2007. As I clutched the phone so that it almost broke, the guy on the other side confirmed that all of us in the wizteam had qualified to the second round, i.e. the interview round.

You could imagine how excited I was. I kept on jumping about and adding witty, humourous phrases to my introduction. Of course, it had to be no less than PERFECT! Last year, during the city finals I ended up in the top five. Rarely does anybody get a second chance, so this time, I wanted to give it my best shot.

However, the rain god had other plans. He probably thought it was the perfect day to have a nice bath. He forgot to turn off the shower, though.
Although it rained like cats and dogs, I managed to carry my HUGE Yamaha to school, only to find out at the entrance itself that the competition had been called off! You can imagine how shocked I was.
But when the rain stopped at last, they still refused to let us go. And as my teacher lectured me on how to take disappointments lightly, I stared at an earthworm lousily making its way up the ramp. That was exactly what I did throughout the day, with not a single book in hand……..

Praying for sunny days ahead,


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