Friday, August 3, 2007

Critics' comments

It seems this blog's traffic is inversely proportional to the Delhi traffic! ;) ;)

If this continues, the traffic policeman(yea, me!) may soon become jobless......

So c'mmon guys, PUHLEEZ leave some comments. And I'd make sure it rains comments for your blog!!



shy said...

hi jan..abt took me months to get a real visitor. and that too after serious keep it up!

Sodium Hydro Phosphate said...

For a school goer, you write awesome. When I was in school I was such a moron !

Ash said...

hey jan! Youve definitely got readers even if we dont comment all the time :) Keep going!

jan said...

@shy : hehe! u can certainly list me down as one faithful, loyal ol' visitor of your blog who never misses reading a single post!

@sodium hydro phosphate : hello! u have a very interesting name, considering science is my fav subject, and after reading your article 'The Alchemist', i'm sure u were kidding about that moron thing!
Thanks for dropping by!

@Ash : Hi! Thank You very much! It feels good I have such sweet and wonderful readers. :)