Monday, June 18, 2007

Rain, rain, come again!

hi everybody!

since i dont have anything to write on, i thought id write sumthing about the rain; its been raining like cats and dogs since morning!
'cats and dogs'.....hmm, isnt it a rather funny phrase? well, if u know the meaning, then do tell me!

i sumtimes feel i mustve been a peacock in my last birth. i simply loooooove the rain!
nopes, not when it simply 'drizzles'! it must rain heavily, and the trees must sway, the umbrellas must come out, and the wind must blow. thats the perfect rainy season for me!

unfortunately, cold and cough being my old enimies, im nvr allowed to go out and drench myself completely, and am restricted to stand in the balcony with my arms stretched in front of me. atleast i get to that!

i dont like it when it rains in the morning. then its not fun at all! it must rain at nite, when the street lights are on, and u can actually 'see' the rain and the little puddles reflecting the lights.
even better, if there is some melodious song playing on the FM.

longing to get drenched,


~sUmZ~ said...

hey jan. lovely blog.even ive become a frequent visitor of ur blog.and yeah , u write really well. :D

Rodrigo said...

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kanak said...

hey kool blog :D n it took me a while to find this stewpid comment thing(i don like leavin comments:P) anyway.. it has a nice colour scheme but i still dont like pink:D but its nice:D gr8 work:D