Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pirate of The Den - at wits' end!

आज की ताज़ा ख़बर: My friends joked they're planning to hold an inter-block competition for the messiest room. if this turns out to be true, there's no doubt they'll unanimously vote for the person who owns the room in which this computer is currently placed. yeah, me!

So today, i thought i'd simply fill up this white space by describing my room in minute detail so that u people can tell me if im really worthy of this award. (btw, my trophy cupboard has been empty for a while, so i can do with an awrd or two...... )

On the white door leading to The Den, there is a huge denis the menace poster cautoning u to back off. excellent मेहमान नवाज़ी, nah?

once inside, u are greeted not by me, but by a cute li'l baby lizard (named lizzie) playing corners. next would probly be a spiderman tshirt crying to be rescued. yeah, spiderman. NOTbarbie.

then there is a really untidy timetable scribbled on white (or is it dusty black?) board, which i hardly even glance at.

u might even be lucky enough to peek at a huge wooden cupbord right above my study table, the pride of my room.cuz it holds all the books iv ever read (i dont mean textbuks), starting from nursery rhymes to grandma stories to chicken soups.

apart from this, the only other 'pleasant' thing ull find are those kiddish 'think positive' and 'anger is bad' posters plastered onto the walls. a few years ago, it was twinkle twinkle li'l stars instead....hehe.

then there's is also a huge diwan and a black, ugly computer next to it, and loads of books and clothes and circulars with the principal's sign all over the place.

if u search patiently, which i usually do not, u might even find a newspaper dating back to 2002!
im certainly not exaggerating.
i swear my room is cleaned painstakingly by mum (as i snore away), only a day before sum visitor is paying a visit to my wonderland. other times i dont pay attention to mum's repeated warnings of cleaning up or getting grounded, and she soon gets fed up.
u know, it useless trying to make an unwilling horse drink water!! ;)

well let me tell u this isnt my permanent den. when it gets too cold out here, i migrate to another room for a few months and then return to the den in the summer. and its really wonderful to see this heaven-like place again. aha!

i dont care and never will how my room looks. its my identity, man! but u know, i have to do sumthing, cuz my friends r cuming over tomorrow! HELP ME! a starnge reason for a strange title.

(psst...heres a lil secret: during most exams, im superstitious enuf to keep that red spiderman tshirt right in the middle of the floor, and those stinking blue socks on the diwan, exactly where they used to lie when i was giving my first exam two yrs ago, which went off as i wanted it to be!)

so cheers to my den!!


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