Saturday, June 16, 2007

JBJ did'nt make me jhoom at all!

I went to a movie on saturday nite after ages.....only cuz it was really hyped about. it was, as u might have guessed, jhoom barabar jhoom.

CAST : a dimpled 'pretty' zinta, a bhatinda da chokra (yawn!), a tall street singer sporting a pirates inspired hairdo, a curly haired nerd, and a former miss world failing miserably by trying to be 'genuinely' and irritatingly french.

STORY: they probly didnt have a scriptwriter, cuz thr was no story at all! just a couple of 'meant to be funny' incidents. and i didnt hear a single laugh in the theatre.

director's view point : to make a movie for the genX. (what the hell? even genZ wunt wanna watch such rubbish!)

bigB's role : बीच- बीच में आसमान से टपको, नाचो, बोर करो, और भाग जाओ! although it was verrrrrrrrrrrry repetitive, i must say this was what i luvd best।

so if ur going to see this movie, DONT! take a step bkwards, and head straight towards home, and heave a sigh of relief that ur Rs.150 are still in ur pocket, not down the drain!

still hoping i might get to jhoom,

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