Thursday, June 7, 2007

party animals on the prowl

Last night, I burnt my sleep trying to keep awake till twelve.

Reason: My best friend's birthday, and i had to wish her.

At last, at 4 mins to 12, when my eyelids were heavy, drooping with sleep, I decided to wish her.
She picked up the phone, drowsy with sleep, and snapped it after a 'Thank You'.
She too had kept awake for my call! We both are such big idiots! No wonder I don't believe in 'opposites attract'!

We've decided upon a theme for the party this evening - ghosts. Hey! Of all the topics in the world, or rather, out of the world, did it have to be just this ??!!

Well, it's damn spooky, but it wasn't my idea! its just that my friend does crazy things, being a very creative person....hehe.

Now I simply don't know what to wear for the party!
Every Saturday, I'm bound to pick up a nice pair of capris and some awesome Tees displayed in shop windows, and adding them to the huge pile of clothes in my bureau, but when it comes to actually wearing one, it's impossible to select! it's worse if the theme is 'fantasy', and u've gotta wear something creepy and 'straight from the streets'.

I'm not a fashion freak, nor am I really trendy, just plain 'smartly' or 'cutely' dressed.

So don't just sit there and point out spelling mistakes!
Help me! ! !

u know who

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