Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hmm....saturdays are always special. Skool on saturday is even more special. its cuz moms at home, after a hectic week at office. so i can always look forward to slurping my fingers when i get back home from skool. well, i do get hot, tasty meals everyday, but somehow, they taste tastier on saturdays....mental perception, u know!!

by the way, i would like to tell you that chatting with 100 or so friends on the net for hours can have some good consequences as well. it was only because of my habit of typing, which i developed thro' chatting, that i could complete an important work of my english teacher, and she was pretty much impressed by my fast typing. did u hear that daddy dear? ;)

one of my shortest posts, but not as short as me! :(
(btw, im SECOND shortest in class)

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