Friday, July 27, 2007

Hectic Highways of Life

Last two weeks have been the most happening weeks of my life!!

First, i got to meet the president on the 17th(u can imagine a dreamy look on my face, since there are no smileys for that!), came second in an extempore on the 18th, got those long awaited English marks a week later (with a lousy 22 1/2), got selected for the wizteam yet again (and this time, iv GOT TO WIN, no matter what!!!), came first in an 'On-the-spot skit making competition' with a couple of friends, read hp7, watched hp5.........failed miserably in answering questions put up by my sst teacher, and in hatching plans to impress her ;)!!!

Uff!! I've been really, really busy, but truly happy and satisfied, as u can see!I hope the good times continue....

However,there's one thing i regret-things have not been so good on the friendship front.It feels bad that after doing so much for each other, I recently had to ditch my so called best friend. sigh....but what's the use of arguing every time we spoke and giving headaches to each other?

Btw, i discovered some new friends as well and felt truly happy at having a friend back at skool, who had been absent for days, and saw that all boys are not dumbos. ;)

cheers to life!!



kerishma.malik said...

hey !! u met the prez !! gr8 yaar !!
but which one didja meet ??
patil or kalam ??

jan said...

hey kerishma!
thnx for dropping in.

and yes, we met kalam, not patil.actually, he wished to meet some kids cuz his term was ending, and we had loadsss of fun talking to him!!


Aarthi said...

hi janani, great to know that u met mr. kalam. mum and i are huge fans of his. and i share how u feel about ditching your so-called best friend. but dun worry, u'll get over it over time.