Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi GUMS

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I'm in pain!!!
Actually, it's just those two li'l cuts in my roots and gums that are bothering me a lot, and the frustrating thing is people don't even bother to notice when i wince in pain!! hmph!

Btw, I have my maths Unit Test tomorrow, and ppl will kill me if i 'just miss' getting that 'root of 625' marks (25, if u couln't solve it! ;).
Hmm...I know I've been thro' worse situations than this (100 mks exams) , but it so happens that whenever some task seems very simple, I happen to ignore it completely, and am really overconfident, and need i say what happens then? Take this year's holiday homework, it seemed so little at first, but man (or ma'am!), it was VAST!! guess what? I still haven't finished it!

I'm in the process of finishing 'Anne Frank's Diary', and I feel it's a WONDERFUL book.

There's some exciting news too.Dad's coming back from chennai on Tuesday after a week, and I can already smell some goodies....!!

daddy's baby,

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kerishma.malik said...

Hey !!! nice blog !!! specially the pic of d birds !!!daddy's baby !! eh ?? same this side !!!