Wednesday, July 4, 2007

sKoOl koOl

its just been two days since skool reopened, and lots has happened already.

the first day though, it was pretty disappointing.
I had expected a more enthusiastic start to a new session, but it so happened that all people around me wanna to go back and sleep. and one actually had the cheek to tell me its 'just' the first day!! cummon.....

the second day, i found an excellent way to dodge a teachers continuued remarks on topics that 'least' concerned us dimwits. just plaster a sheepish smile on ur face whenever an answer goes wrong, and she takes it to be a joke and actually smiles back! ;) ;)

the third day, today, was THE best.
i received a small gift from a seventh standard friend, cuz i helped him yesterday to save a beautiful chart from the rain. well i just kinda wrapped it in two polythene pouches, and put a rubberband round 'em. just that, really.
and he expressed his gratitude today by gifting me a beautiful parker pen!! i was really touched. feels nice to kno tht gud ppl still exist, and they acknowledge even a teeny-weeny bit of help.

i spoke in the assembly about the trip to dalhousie, and exaggereated the GOOD things a bit too much.
and i heard tht my fav teacher (who no longer teaches me :( ) said tht i had spoken as if id vomitted in the bus! was a thourough misunderstanding!!!!!!!!
well it turned out tht she wanted me to add some details about the HORRIBLE things as well.hehe.
like.... the guys who started vomitting in the bus, due to increasing altitude!! and i thot it to be.....wat?!!!! :D =))

( im looking awful in two ponies, or as smbdy put it long ago, stupidly cute.
or is it cutely stupid?)

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