Sunday, May 20, 2007

dear diary......

I don't know what struck me to start a blog of my own. A personal blog is pretty much similar to a diary, and with so much work to do, I can't afford to maintain one. And writing a diary doesn't run in the family too.

But the other day, while I was bunking classes (I'd like to boast i was, but actually, it was a free period) , I decided to go over to the library and read some book. The librarian resembles Adnan Sami in many ways, but she's really kind and respectable.
I selected a book from the nearest shelf, "The Story Of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank. It's pretty famous. "The story of an ordinary teen leading an extraordinary life", that's what the summary on the cover said. And after reading a few pages, I realized it was quite relevant too.....since I'm gonna become a teen in less than a month! I simply loved it!

That's when I thought how useful it can be to put down your thoughts, your feelings and your day to day activities. Although I'm no Shakespeare, I too love to write, and when there is simply no topic to write on, write your diary! With technology available, why not do it online?

By the way, my summer hols are on, so I've got plenty of time on my hands.This was my first post, and I look forward to writing many, many more in the days to come!! Please leave some comments, and encourage me to write more and more!



Shy said...

Yay ! Three cheers for jan

jan said...

and a 100 for shy!

Anonymous said...

Hey jan,
Nice site...loads of fun stuff:-)
Can't wait to see more of ur site. catcha later.
Richa...ur pal

jan said...

@richa : thnx for dropping in!

Anonymous said...

hi all,
this is the coolest site my friend has made , i m really amased and its fun to surf in it .
by - Anshi

jan said...

@anshi : thnx!! :)
keep dropping by...