Monday, May 28, 2007

Holiday Homework

I was planning to protest against this wretched phenomenon.


Holiday homework was worked out by the teachers as part of their "Student Torture Scheme".
When we kids protested, the teachers agreed (with a wicked gleam in their eyes), to give holiday homework that was 'fun' to do. Well teachers, try serving karela juice in a gold tumbler.It still tastes bitter.

This is what we got, call it 'fun' HHW:
"Geometrically represent factorization of quadratic polynomial ax2 + bx + c" err....what?

Personally, I would have preferred:
"Represent practically, movies + frnds + popcorn + no HHW ( = mast hols!)

However, there's loads of HHW to be done, and we'll be graded for it too. I thought exams come in September, or don't they?!

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Shy said...

you read my mind..i was about to post about this :-D :-)..I still am..two voices speaking out against oppression of poor, innocent, cute children is better than one !