Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The DON is back....

Im finally back after two whole weeks of complete boredom and torture, since the net had a cold and was advised complete rest by the doc (hehe).

I hate to admit it, but im really missing that old routine of getting up early, half sleeping and brushing my teeth, rushing to catch the bus, sitting and dreaming until sumbody reminded me to get down, racing to the class and seeing who came first, teasing friends who look idiotic in two ponies, dog-earing books (later getting scolded by mum), taking pangas with teachers, getting into trouble (sumtimes), getting out of trouble(hehe) and all that stuff….skool has its own charm! sigh!

sometimes, its really amazing how we simply long to get away, away from the hustle-bustle and tensions of skool. But when u do get a few days free, u simply don’t know what the hell ur supposed to do! Ok, I know the first few days u can roam around with not a care in the world, but isn’t 2 months of doing the same thing too much?!

Sometimes, like this once, all your holiday plans come crashing down. its very frustrating, especially when the sun has made up his mind to melt all beings on earth. we hide from that orange ball inside those ACed rooms, just like roaches do!

Nothing to do, except stare at the dumb and rather ugly face of the monitor…..sigh, sigh, sigh!

iv been postponing my hhw for too long now. whenever I decide to search for some decent stuff on the net, there’s always a good friend ready to say hello, and then im down with the chatting fever.
result: no work done. three more weeks to go…..

a rather bored jan

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