Sunday, May 20, 2007

When the phone bill arrives.......

"अरे यार,क्या हाल-चाल है?"
"ठीक हूँ, बस बोर हो रही थी"
"और बता?" and blah blah blah blah...............

Ever been at a loss for words? I mean, when u speak so much to somebody that u don't have any topic to speak on, anymore?Any topic that comes to your mind, it's already a decade old!
That's the case with me nowadays।U see, with holidays on, we classmates don't have much to do, and we certainly won't brood over those boring books! So the only option left is to chat on the phone or, on the net.

Result : the dreaded phone bill becomes more of a long, never-ending manuscript and u shiver when it arrives the same way when your school princy walks past the corridor, or before an exam!

I guess this is the age when people are affected by the Phone Clutching Syndrome (PCS)!! Got any medicine?

Well, gotta leave. MG का फ़ोन आ रहा है !!



Shy said...

hehe..very true..i love your blog, style of writing, its freshness and cheerfulness..i'll drop in very often ! your writing a perfect, heady blend of exquisite description, humour, simplicity and clarity. Keep up the good work !

jan said...

@shy : my first comment!yays!
by the way, ur comment itself exhibits what an excellent wordsworth u are!
thanx a lot!and keep dropping in!